4.48 PsychosisApr 21-22, 27-29, May 4-6 @ 8:00 pm,  Apr 23 & 30 @ 3:00 pm

By: Sarah Kane
Directed by Robyne Parrish
Movement by: Moriah Ella Mason
Original Music by: Reni Monteverdi

Siovhan Christensen*
Erika Cuenca*
Tammy Tsai*

In one last act of love to the theater before her untimely death in 1999, playwright Sarah Kane wrote what many consider her greatest play, 4.48 Psychosis.  A subjective story of clinical depression, the audience is given insight into one particular case – a young womanwho stands in the place between life and death. Certain issues are clearly dealt with: whether or not to take medication, the effects and effectiveness of such medication, self-harm, suicide and possible causes of depression. Combined with themes of isolation, dependency, relationships, and love, the result is not just a painfully funny play about one person’s struggle with mental illness, but also one that scratches at the scabs of inadequacy, failure and despair that we all bear at times.

It is a powerful, almost unbearable evening,…piercing poetry, humour and pain…” The Guardian, London