Acting Camp Rider

Please list above any allergies and describe any medical conditions your child has.
I agree to pay all participation fees. I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, agents, assigns, and representatives, hereby indemnify, release and forever hold harmless off the WALL Productions, a not-for-profit corporation, as well as its directors, employees and instructors, from any and all claims of liability arising from any accident, personal injury, death, or property loss or damage sustained by my child/myself/the minor child for whom I am a legal guardian, while that person is participating in activities connected with the Studio at off the WALL Acting Camp, including classes, rehearsals, performances, or other activities. I understand that dance/movement activities have inherent risks of injury, and, being fully aware of all risk, I consent to have my child/myself/the minor child for whom I am a legal guardian, participate in the programs and activities offered by the Studio at off the WALL Acting Camp and I accept full responsibility for providing adequate health and accident insurance coverage for the protection of all of the following who participate in these programs/activities: my child/myself/the minor child for whom I am a legal guardian. By signing this statement, I declare that the aforesaid participant is in good health, with no physical conditions that might prevent his/her/my participation in strenuous and rigorous dance/movement activities and other training and performance connected with theatrical training. Further, I understand and acknowledge that because of the physical nature of theater, there may be physical contact between directors, employees, staff, company members, instructors and students during rehearsals, shows, workshops, productions, and especially during vocal, dance/movement or acting instruction. I understand that at times for proper instruction and safety, physical contact is required and necessary.
I have carefully read this Agreement, Waiver, Release, & Assumption of Risk and fully understand its contents. I understand that this is an assumption of risk and release of liability, and I sign it of my own free will.