The Zero Hour

October 25- 26 + 31 – November 1-2, 7-9 at 8:00 PM – Matinee Oct. 27 + Nov. 3 at 3:00 pm

Two amazingly talented women…Erika Cuenca & Daina Griffith…funny and polished…”- City Paper

“…the level of acting here goes beyond virtuosity. Cuenca and Griffith inhabit their roles…they are sexy and comic.”-
Coal Hill Blog

Written by Madeleine George
Directed by: Robyne Parrish
With: Erika Cuenca*, Daina Michelle Griffith*, John Steffenauer*.

Rebecca and her chronically unemployed girlfriend, O, have created a happy nest in their run-down walk-up in Queens, but the more O pushes Rebecca to stop hiding their relationship, the more Rebecca’s work life—writing a textbook for seventh graders about the Holocaust— begins to bleed into her personal life: She starts meeting World War II Nazis on the 7 train, passing as hipster professionals in New York City but eager to come out about who they really are. O is also sparring with convincingly real visions: her long estranged—and recently dead?—mother keeps showing up to argue with her about her choices. This almost-love story explores the relationship between honesty and cruelty: How do you tell the truth about yourself when that truth might devastate the people you love?
“…brilliant dialogue…Cuenca and Griffith…make lovely dramatic music together…full of sexual energy…erotic chemistry…” Owlscribe

“…beautiful…their talent is just great…thought provoking …” -‘Burgh Vivant

“…emotionally moving and intellectually stimulating performance.” -The Carnegie Shul-Newsletter

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