Tunnel Vision

PosterTunnel Vision 790

A World Premiere
Oct. 16-31, 2015

By Andrea Lepcio
Directed by Melissa Maxwell

Lisa Ann Goldsmith*
Elizabeth Ruelas*

off the WALL celebrates the return of playwright Andrea Lepcio (LOOKING FOR THE PONY), whose play TUNNEL VISION is a multi-layered celebration of the Feminine.

Lepcio examines many of the daily challenges women face as well as those issues that are, typically, solely female:  the struggle to balance motherhood with the desire to have a career, the stigma that comes with not choosing the traditional path assigned our gender, the hypercritical judgment we place on ourselves in comparison to our female peers, the difficulty we find in truly loving ourselves, and the fear that sometimes comes in loving each other.
TUNNEL VISION is ultimately a journey of acceptance and redemption, from which truth, purpose and love unexpectedly emerge.

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