Scared Of Sarah

Poster Scared of Sarah 750By Laura Brienza
Directed by Ingrid Sonnichsen

With: Erika Cuenca*, Sarah Silk*
Shaun Cameron Hall*

“…the work of this outrageously good cast…Cuenca, Silk and Hall play with ruthless honesty, and it yields devastating results.”
Pittsburgh City Paper

“With directorial support from Sonnichsen and a flawless amalgamation of cast chemistry, Hall and Cuenca’s theatrical outbursts, mental breakdowns and excruciatingly personal moments are so emotionally charged it can be painful to watch.”  Pittsburgh in the Round

“This richly talented cast molds this smartly written script into an exploration of human behavior and emotion that is beautiful in its honesty.”
‘Burgh Vivant

Lily and Sam are in crisis mode. The upwardly-mobile, young, urban couple are pregnant, in debt and are trying to navigate life’s challenges together, while also including Lily’s sister Sarah in their lives.

Sarah is a 30-year-old single woman living alone…She works as a ticket collector on the train, loves rock climbing and a good chicken marsala. Also, she is autistic.

Sarah, Lily and Sam expose some of the frequently experienced, but rarely discussed aspects of life on the Autism Spectrum. The need for structure and predictability, black and white thinking, difficulty reading and responding to social and emotional situations, sensitivity to touch and exhausting meltdowns are just a few aspects of Sarah and her family’s day-to-day life.

Lily must reckon with the fact that this new phase of her life is in fact scary and uncertain. She looks at all the relationships in her life: her parents, her husband, her sister, and most importantly, herself. Only time will tell if her child will inherit autism, if she will be stronger than her own mother, and if she will be the supportive sister Sarah needs.

The staging of the production has been made possible with the gracious support of:

Heinz Endowments

PCA_Logo_sm Arts for Autism 300

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