Andrea Lepcio Returns: Exploring the Challenges of Women

In March of 2013, off the WALL productions staged Andrea Lepcio’s heart-touching play, Looking for the Pony. This October, our acting company will be performing Tunnel Vision, also by Ms. Lepcio. We are excited to once again be performing a work of Ms. Lepcio.

Both plays examine challenges unique to women. The irony is in the fact that though the issues portrayed are unique to women, they are also commonplace to women. In Looking for Pony, Ms. Lepcio takes the audience on a journey through the lives of two sisters. One sister finally made the decision to leave an unfulfilling career to pursue a life-long dream; the other sister is diagnosed with breast cancer. And so the two sisters embark on a journey together, supporting each other, learning from each other, and together experiencing the ups and downs of their new journeys, one journey chosen, the other forced. As sure as you are reading this, you likely have one or more female friends or family members who have experienced the inner struggles of a life-altering career change and/or breast cancer, much as the characters of this play. That, in part, is the beauty of Ms. Lepcio’s writing. The universality of the themes addressed, along with the sensitivity in way they are addressed.

PosterTunnel Vision revised 750In her newer play Tunnel Vision, Ms. Lepcio continues to examine challenges faced by women. This time, there is more focus on the daily challenges faced by women. Again, though the challenges are unique to women, they are also commonplace to women. In Tunnel Vision, Ms. Lepcio portrays the struggles of balancing motherhood with the desire to have a career, and the resulting stigma that too often happens when a women does not follow the traditional path. Keeping in style with incorporating layers of depth to her writing, Ms. Lepcio also brings focus to the difficulties that women have in truly love themselves and each other. In Tunnel Vision, Ms. Lepcio once again brings women on the journey of self-acceptance. In doing so, she also helps all, regardless of gender, to heighten their level of understanding of the issues and struggles that so many women today find themselves facing.

Tunnel Vision, performed by the off the WALL productions acting company, will play at Carnegie Stage from October 16 to 31, 2015.

It’s not too late. You can still purchase season tickets for all four shows by off the WALL productions.  Individual performance tickets below.

Tunnel Vision

A World Theater Premiere
Performances: October 16, 17, 22 – 24, 29-31 @ 8:00 PM
Matinee: October 18 & 25 @ 3:00 PM

Written by: Andrea Lepcio
Directed by: Melissa Maxwell

Featuring: Lisa Ann Goldsmith and Elizabeth Ruelas

Learn More or Purchase Individual Tickets 

CARNEGIE STAGE | a Pittsburgh Theater
25 West Main, Carnegie, PA 15106 | 6 miles from downtown Pittsburgh

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