A lot of time goes into the process of choosing the plays we produce. Our goal is to stage entertaining, thought-provoking pieces, taking into consideration the following: the quality of the writing, the message the play imparts, and the “less is more” concept of minimal, or singular, sets and a relatively small cast. Great theater, if done right, can be accomplished on a bare stage with one actor. These artistic choices make it possible to focus on obtaining the best possible performances from our actors, thereby honoring the script.

Having operated under an Equity Small Professional Theater contract since 2008, we have gained the professional experience and invaluable contacts to hire the best possible actors and directors in order to succeed artistically. Our consistently good reviews reflect this success.

Now, go inside the archives, look at the past plays, read what the critics thought about us. See who worked with us in the past, the directors and actors. Check out the pictures and remember some of the hopefully great moments you spent with us.

If you are new to Off The Wall, check out the plays in our upcoming season and create your own memories.