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Sex Werque

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Thu Jul 27th 8:00pm - 9:15pm

sex werque is a one-woman show about working as a stripper in Pittsburgh. Choreographer Moriah Ella Mason explores how we perform eroticism and consume intimacy, both in the club...
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4.48 Psychosis – Why “Physical Theater”?

Director Robyne Parrish talks process for 4.48 Psychosis When Virginia Wall Gruenert approached me with 4.48 Psychosis, I must be honest, I was petrified. I was literally scared of the responsibility of it - of the magnitude of the subject matter - the lack of scene delineation and character breakdown and most of all, the dark...
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4.48 Psychosis – Meet Movement Artist Moriah Ella Mason

Moriah Ella Mason is an interdisciplinary artist, bodyworker, and educator. Mason has performed throughout Pittsburgh with the Pillow Project/the Ellipses Condition, Maree ReMalia | merrygogo, and Mark C. Thompson. Her original movement and performance works have been presented at a variety of venues in Pittsburgh, Tucson, and NYC. Mason is a professional massage therapist with a private practice...
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Summer Chamber Winds

Summer Chamber Winds at off the WALL Annex (25 W. Main St., Carnegie) Woodwind and brass students of all ability levels will have the opportunity to keep their chops in shape over the summer while performing an exciting variety of chamber music, and can expand their musical boundaries by exploring conducting, arranging, and improvisation.  The class...
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