This Fortnight is Female – New York 2018

Three plays by and about women, acted by women.
Developed and staged by off the WALL in Carnegie, PA.
now premiering Feb. 2018
at Urban Stages 259 W 30th St. New York, NY. 10001

Single Tickets  
Festival Package (3 shows for the price of 2)  

Last minute (15 minutes before curtain)  $ 20.00 RUSH tickets available at theater box office.

Anne Stockton

I Won’t Be In On Monday by Anne Stockton
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ML 105 W

Linda Haston

Mother Lode by Virginia Wall Gruenert
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Amy Landis

The Pink Unicorn by Elise Forier Edie
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“What I choose to put on the off the WALL stage has to live up to certain standards: it must be theatrical, it must be meaningful, we must learn from it, and it must challenge my actors as well as the audience.  Also, because I am determined to act upon gender disparity at every conceivable opportunity, it should also be written by a woman whenever possible.”
Virginia Wall Gruenert, Executive Artistic Director