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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

I’ve worked as an actress in film and TV over the last ten years and I feel confident saying that my gender has never impeded by ability to get work. I've never been #metoo-ed in the acting world (though it’s certainly happened in other work places), nor have I been grossly harassed or teased about my sexuality, though I know that happens a lot too. I audition for roles for women and I get them or I don’t.

What I have seen however, are some really, really stupid scripts. Lots of them. Really dumb, uninteresting, uninspired parts with story lines that are predictable and flat. What idiot wrote this? I think. Did he or she ever actually talk to a woman? Do they honestly think someone would believe this character's arc?! But they do.

And so, IMHO… as an artist you have the choice to play stupid parts (along with the rare not stupid ones) or you write your own work. The latter is exactly what Monica Stephenson and Jennifer Childs have done. They’ve written a story about three young women, struggling to make sense of their lives as World War II rages on and the thought of peacetime and Christmases past hang heavy as a distant memory. Stephenson and Childs give the three sisters heart - along with their grouchy landlady and unusual traveling companion - character, strength, compassion, and heart.

This holiday season, come out to support theater that offers women roles to play (including the roles of director, light, set, sound and costume design) that are empowering, challenging, life- giving and real. Support their voices, their talents and this story of hope and love. Come see The Carols. You will be happy you did.

Tickets available @

Pittsburgh's alternative theater company

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