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Natalia Zukerman The Women Who Rode Away

By Jenna Kunselman

The Women Who Rode Away is a beautiful one-woman performance, during which Natalia

Zukerman reflects on her most beloved female role models who have heavily influenced her

from a young age with some of their most admirable qualities. Zukerman highlights each of

these women through story, song, and visual art, revealing a remarkable songwriting ability,

notably exceptional guitar skills, a lovely voice, and an extraordinary artistic vision. This show provides a history lesson about women whose stories were left out of history books and swept under the rug of the men who stole their thunder. As we learn of each woman’s strong, independent persona sparking a feminist fire in Zukerman, we are inclined to think of the strength and beauty of the women in our own lives, inevitably shaping us into who we are by tapping into our morality, artistic vision, fashion sense, and strong will. From Georgia O’Keefe, to Sister Rosetta Tharp, to her high school art teacher, to her grandmother, Zukerman reminds us that the women we admire from afar and those we encounter on a daily basis are making an incredible impact on our lives. Natalia Zukerman is returning with her enchanting aura to Carnegie Stage for just two more nights, and you do not want to miss the chance to indulge your emotions as she expresses her purest adoration for the most influential women in her life.

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