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Queer, Jewish - review

PGH in the Round - review

On Saturday, August 10th, performing artists took the stage at Off The Wall Productions in sweats and warm-up clothes only to walk out the theater exit. They led the audience into a vacant grassy lot adjacent to the theater where they held a religious ceremony before the start of their second showing of Queer, Jewish.

“We preface the Saturday evening shows with havdallah, the ritual of ending Shabbat,” said Olivia Tucker, the show’s dramaturg and meturgeman. “It helps ease into the secular week while trying to hold fast to those last super special moments.”

The lights dim and Moriah Ella Mason, who designed the show, assumes the stage. At times your laughter is abruptly cut by a serious chill in spoken word or movement and your emotions will pool trying to make sense of how you’re supposed to feel. more...


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