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Who is Not Medea?

Last weekend, I had a chance to spend some time with the creative team of off the WALL Production's first show this season, Not Medea.

Opening October 4 and running through October 19, Not Medea is a must see for anyone who has loved, lost, struggled, suffered, cried, laughed, killed someone, not killed someone, is a mother, is a lover, is not a mother or a lover... basically, for anyone who is alive. 

But you don’t to have take my word for it. Check out the interviews below and see for yourself why Not Medea is a show not to be missed.

(NOTE: Elizabeth gave a terrific interview and I caught much of it on tape, but the best parts were at the end when my phone died. I'm sorry you are missing her delightful moving face in this video. You will just have to come see her in real life!)

Interested in making a tax free contribution to off the WALL Productions? You can!

Just click HERE.

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