Season 13 of inspiring, essential theater

A message from our Executive Artistic Director, Virginia Wall Gruenert

We’re four weeks into this new world of quarantine, of isolation.
It’s not becoming less bizarre.  When the sun is out and I’m
standing at the window it can almost feel normal for a moment.
But it isn’t.  It’s certainly unnatural for us here at Carnegie Stage
and at off the WALL.  What is a theater without audiences?
For some, the answer to this quarantine is television, Zoom,
and social media.  Not for me.


On March 12, 2020 at 9:45 pm Erika Cuenca and I walked off the set of Hoard.  
The set is still in place, a little dustier, but it is aging well.  We’re ready to walk back on,
as soon as we are back to “normal.”  But I truly hope that it is a somewhat different, more compassionate “normal” than we were living with before COVID19.  

By now, most of us have realized that we need each other, that we need close personal contact.  And yes, we do need the small arts organizations, and off the WALL has always offered the intimacy of a small space - performers so close that you see and feel their emotions, and for some of you they changed your lives.
I know they changed mine. 

Our mission remains the same - alternative theater that is equal, diverse and inclusive.   

All the great shows and movies that are streamed in our living rooms are made possible in large part by scores of actors who have trained and started their careers on small stages like ours.  We ask you to keep this is mind when the theaters open again.  Come out, buy tickets and let’s get through this together.

For you who have purchased tickets for any of our postponed shows, you have three alternatives:

  1. Do nothing.  Your ticket is safe.  We will automatically contact you when the show is
    re-scheduled and you can pick a new performance date.

  2. Donate the ticket to the theater.  Just send us a short e-mail and we will process the donation.

  3. As for a refund:  Times are tough, we understand.  Please send a short email, with the subject line “refund” and we will ask our ticket vendor to process the transaction.

Below is a short clip from our last (for now) performance of Hoard.  Enjoy!

The Shows below are on hold

Please check in frequently for updates


a new play

Written by Lissa Brennan
With Erika Cuenca,
Virginia Wall Gruenert

March 6 - 7, 12 - 14, 19 - 21  @ 8:00 pm
March 8 & 15 @ 3:00 pm

Starring off the WALL productions’ Executive Artistic Director Virginia Wall Gruenert and Associate Artistic Director Erika Cuenca, local playwright Lissa Brennan has crafted a story written precisely for these two actresses.


This play is not for the faint of heart; Brennan has done her research. Both Viv and Claire have emotional skeletons in their closets, though some are more visible than others. Viv’s ‘things’ in her house serve to protect her just as the 'walls' in Claire's heart. Each woman is wounded, guarding her pain, neither wishing to reveal it until it is unwillingly pried out of her fingers.


Brennan skillfully unravels the story of these two strangers with wit, compassion and venom.

Entertainment Central Pittsburgh

Hoard  brings the Heat at off the WALL.  To say that the feather dusters begin to fly is putting it mildly.
By the end of Hoard’s 90 minutes, both women are moved and shaken, and so is the audience.


at Off The WALL

is a well researched 'Compassionate, Dark, Thrilling Ride' through
two minds who aren’t
as different as they
think they are.

PGH In The

Virginia Wall Gruenert and Erika Cuenca are unequivocally the performers two-person shows should be created for—impassioned, invested and thrilling from start to finish.

PGH Lesbian 

This is not a neat or tidy play. It is brutal and raw with two actors whose chemistry has been well established circling around one another in an orchestrated emotional and psychological dance.


03/06 -  03/21/20

The story of a woman whose life and home are cluttered by past trauma, and the young woman who attempts to rescue her, and perhaps herself,in the healing process.

1943 - Grist from..

04/24  - 04/25/20

A new play created and performed
by Lissa Brennan. 

Men go to WAR, Women go to WORK.

Horses, airplanes, spells, stars,

and as always,mills and murder.


05/07 - 05/09/20

Etty Hillesum's life ended at Auschwitz when she was only 29 years old. We meet a remarkable young dutch woman, insightful, determined, poetic, sensual...

Ins and outs..

05/28 - 05/30/20

A suburban Mom accepts her husband’s invitation to an open marriage and proceeds with a singleness of purpose no one saw coming.

Limit of Things

06/11 - 06/15/20 

Four vignettes & two one-act plays
for movement theatre

Created and performed
by Mark Conway Thompson

Murakami Music

08/07 - 08-08/20 

Murakami Music is a genre-defying performance that blurs the real and surreal. Created and performed by Eunbi Kim


Virginia Wall Gruenert - Exec. Artistic Director

Welcome to off the WALL productions's 
13th season of "theater for grown-ups". 

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4.48  Psychosis  


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