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Tin Church

Inspired by recurring nightmares and an old Tin Church, Parrish weaves a sultry southern spell that begs the question, can the wheel of generational trauma ever truly stop spinning? Or are families destined to repeat life's tragedies again and again? 

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The Magnolia smells sweet on the evening breeze, and then it falls and sours, like a secret kept too long.


Tin Church is an unsettling, Southern Gothic exploration of generational trauma and the secrets families keep. The dream and waking world collide in this intensely dark comedy where demons come out to play in the low country south. 


Mary is the oldest of three sisters. It seems she has escaped her small southern town and the monotony of it all for the big city life. 

Mildred, her mother, has a successful marriage, a big family and an even larger front porch. She spends her days stirring up the sweet tea and gossip.

Younger sisters Linda and Sue are well woven into the intricate quilt of secrets this family keeps. One remembers. The other spends her days and nights trying to forget. 

Through a maze of memories, letters, dreams and the waking world, Tin Church takes us on a thrilling psychological exploration of things unsaid. 

Is Mildred as perfect as she insists? Did Mary truly escape after all? What is the secret that binds them?

Sep/Oct 2024

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