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Oct. 24, 25 & 26 at 8:00 pm

A Life Behind Bars is a hilarious and seedy roller-coaster ride of after-hour whiskey shots, horror films and rock and roll.  Dan Ruth shares comic monologues, interwoven with characters he's encountered while working and drinking in the bars and dives of pre-gentrified NYC with universal results.  Ruth's return to Carnegie Stage shines an incredible light on over two decades of NYC bartending with an unforgettable message of survival.

"Dan Ruth’s mini-masterpiece about toiling and drinking in the many eccentric bars (and with the many eccentric characters) of pre-gentrification New York, returns to off the WALL by popular demand after its resounding success last year. Ruth’s satirical yet poignant memoir-esque show celebrates the unconventional narratives and methods one can use to find resilience, redemption and hope.

PGH in the Round

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A Life Behind Bars
Off The Wall - Pittsburgh

A Life Behind Bars

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