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About Us

Off the WALL is a 501C3 non-profit

and the resident theater company at Carnegie Stage

off the WALL has strived to produce powerful, important theater since its humble beginnings in 2007, and the genuine appreciation our loyal patrons have consistently shown have made all our efforts immensely worthwhile.

Our 2022-23 season is going to look a little bit different from previous seasons. off the WALL was born in Washington, PA in 2007, moved north to Carnegie Stage in 2012, while venturing east to New York City with several productions along the way. We are now dipping our toes
into international waters (if you will) by establishing a collaboration with Reykjavik’s Tjarnarbio Theater, where a revival of Natalia Zukerman’s The Women Who Rode Away will be staged this August. Plans are in the works for additional off the WALL shows to be
presented at Tjarnarbio, and we hope to collaborate with other small, professional, like-minded theaters throughout Europe in the future. While we are very excited about this continued growth and expansion, Carnegie Stage will continue to be our “home base” in the U.S., and our first 2022-23 production, What Kind of Woman, will open there in
September. We hope to see you there!

Our mission is to create a more conscious and compassionate community, while providing a living wage for all artist, and to encourage and support the admiration of all arts and artists by providing a home in which live theater, dance, music, and comedy can be presented, while nurturing, challenging, inspiring and empowering women theater artists from our area and beyond to collaborate as playwrights, directors, technicians, and actors, explore new ideas,
and develop new works.

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The International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) honors theaters that produce plays written in equal measure by women and men.

Off the WALL Productions has been awarded this honor for 6 straight seasons.

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