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“A cleverly poignant, one-woman show…This cathartic expedition of self-doubt and self-discovery is touching and quiet, much like the ukulele that serves as a good portion of her accompaniment.”
On Stage Pittsburgh


“I was thoroughly captivated by almost every word and gesture…this is definitely one play to take note of.” – Pittsburgh-owlscribe.blogspot


“Young’s show is part standup, and part folk concert…[it] is a surprise. It’s a wonderfully uplifting tale about Young at her lowest moments, but from the depths of despair she reaches the heights of joy and the audience goes right along with her.” –

Oct. 6 - Oct. 21, 2023

When Jesus Divorced Me

Written and performed by 
Laura Irene Young
Directed by
Allison Weakland

She was married to the man of her dreams. Shortly after their wedding, he is cast at a theme park where he either plays Jesus or crucifies him everyday at 3. She tries to be proud of her husband in his new endeavor. Not until a princess from a neighboring theme park comes into the picture, does she realize something is amiss. Now, she is left with the weird and weirdly funny aftermath.


A story about how we deal we life's messes and breakups. This surprising folk-music concert from Laura Irene Young expertly moves from gut busting to gut punching: with a score that is equally cheeky and vulnerable you won’t want to miss this show.

`About The Show

"My friend's ex-husband played Jesus and he left her for Mary Magdalene and said God wanted them to be together and she was the one in the way."

This has been an odd story told at parties for several years. We might as well tell it in a theatrical production complete with music! A look back at a crucial ten years, Laura examines the odd love story that she lived, along with the emotional debris left behind after the explosion.

The story is tragic but also way too weird to be taken 100% seriously. 

The Love Story

Every divorce starts off a love story....

and here is this one. These two actors became friends during a summer in Ohio. A simple summer stock contract, after meeting online through mutual friends created a quick friendship. That friendship turned into love. They helped each other with monologues, audition packages, write shows, and travel to different cities for auditions and contracts. They eventually got married. The bride was religious and the groom was not. The groom went to an audition for a Christian Theme Park and was cast in all of their shows, including the crucifixion of Jesus. The bride was excited to see her husband slowly become religious, until...he left his bride for an actor playing Mary Magdalene. You may have heard of her. 

The Playwright

Laura Irene Young is a creative individual from Pittsburgh, PA. She has been in several outdoor dramas, tours, a professional jellyfish, and the background extra in lots of television shows filmed in Atlanta. She is known to write a screenplay, play, or novel about anything that happens to her. Sometimes, when something makes her very sad, she will write a comedic song to process her emotions. 

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