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Carnegie Stage Sep. 22 - Oct. 14, 2023


Chain Theatre Oct. 28 - Nov. 18, 2023


Grief hits different now


Created and performed by Katie Mack

Directed by Janus Young

A  seventy-five min interactive performance where the audience use their phones to try to bring now deceased, Eric Anthamatten, back to life. A show about loss in the age of Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok, and the little legacies we leave behind.

When Jesus Divorced Me

Written and performed by Laura Irene Young

Directed by Allison Weakland

Carnegie Stage Oct. 6 - Oct. 21, 2023                        

Chain Theatre  Nov. 8 - 12, 2023                       

She was married to the man of her dreams. Shortly after their wedding, he is cast at a theme park where he either plays Jesus or crucifies him everyday at 3. She tries to be proud of her husband in his new endeavor. Not until a princess from a neighboring theme park comes into the picture, does she realize something is amiss. Now, she is left with the weird and weirdly funny aftermath. A story about how we deal we life's messes and breakups. This surprising folk-music concert from Laura Irene Young expertly moves from gut busting to gut punching: with a score that is equally cheeky and vulnerable you won’t want to miss this show.

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