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A word from our Artistic Director

It’s now early May in this quarantined world. The idea of being isolated and restricted in our movements is somehow no longer strange; as they say, people can get used to anything. I’m thinking that reacclimation to a new normal, once the quarantine is lifted – now, that will be strange.

What’s bizarre to me now is seeing fellow human beings risking their lives, and others’ lives, by insisting on their “constitutional rights” to break the quarantine mandates in their particular states before it is safe to do so. It seems, in my experience, that the ones who object the loudest do so for the most inconsequential reasons. They MUST get that haircut, they MUST have a beer with their fifteen closest buddies, and they simply will NOT be told that they can’t.

It rather reminds me of when my siblings and I were in grade school – “nyah, nyah, you can’t make me.” This, I get. The human brain isn’t fully developed until 25 years of age.

But when I see crowds of grown-ass adults touting guns! and (mostly misspelled) protest signs, shouting about how unfair and/or unconstitutional it is that they can’t risk human lives as they see fit, it begs the questions: Who ARE these people? Who raised them? Did they sleep through every freaking science class they ever had? Is our educational system more broken than we even suspected? Do they have eyes and ears? Can they read and comprehend? Do they understand the word “compassion,” even if they can’t spell it?

Perhaps, like “Scared Straight” strived to put the fear of God into juvenile would-be felons, these folks should be walked through a COVID-19 ward at a local hospital. And a warehouse converted into a morgue.

Okay, no more ranting. Until next time.


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