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Alec Silberblatt comes home

I met Alec Silberblatt on a beautiful Sunday morning in Carnegie, PA to talk about his upcoming show, The Mon Valley Medium. I’d seen him in two Pittsburgh productions earlier this year, The Heiress presented by PICT Classical Theater and World Builders at off the WALL Productions. Silberblatt was superb in both shows, demonstrating his range and skill as an actor.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Silberblatt says he originally got involved in theater because, “my mom never wanted me to be bored. Because, when kids get bored, that’s when they go do drugs.” So he tried out many afterschool activities, but soon got hooked on theater - in front of and behind the stage. Silberblatt’s first role was “many years ago,” with Prime Stage theater as the voice of the dead brother in The Miracle Worker.

Now living in New York City, Silberblatt juggles numerous gig jobs - coffee shop barista, cater-waiter, food tour guide in Lower Manhattan - while auditioning, writing, creating and honing his craft. The Mon Valley Medium is his first one-man show, although he has written and performed other original works in the region and nationally.

Presented by off the WALL Productions, this limited show will run for two nights at Carnegie Stage, November 8 and 9. Tickets can be purchased at

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