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The reviews of Not Medea just keep coming in!

Unless the Medea in the title refers to Tyler Perry, you know you are not in for a bundle of laughs” says Sharon Eberson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Well… she’s right! There are some funny moments in this play, but I wouldn’t call it a comedy. (Come back Oct 24-26th for Life Behind Bars with Dan Ruth. Now that’s going to be funny!). Eberson goes on to say, “Not Medea…does have its humorous moments, but what unfolds is a modern-day examination of parenthood, guilt, grief and forgiveness.” Amen, sister!

Alex Gordon of the City Paper writes, “Maybe it's just our touchy modern ears, but generally people feel uncomfortable expressing contempt or violence towards their children, even if they're just fleeting fantasies.”

Well, that’s what got Woman (played by Drew Leigh Williams) into trouble from the get go. But puuuulease! Doesn’t everyone want to ring the neck of their kid, nephew/niece or next door neighbors’ child every once in a while!? Gordon goes on to say, “That tension between societal expectations and honest expression, particularly when it comes to motherhood, is at the center of Allison Gregory's Not Medea…”. And that’s why I have plants.

There are only 2 weekends left to see this show… you don’t want to miss it! Why not make an evening of it… LeoGreta for an early dinner (remember to make ressys first) or One Thirty One East… or forget fancy altogether, stop to get a beer and burger at Durans and then come see Not Medea!

OH! And if you come Sunday, off the WALL is hosting a talk back with the actors and they’ll be serving homemade chili! You can help me count all the beans! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

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