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Don't be so Scroogey...

...there are only three performances left!

Silvia, Lily, Rose, Ms. Betty, Marvin Shaatz and Teddy… lovable little Teddy… you have three more nights to meet these lovely and funny characters. Only three more nights!

This is what the critics have said:

This spunky little show aims to please and merrily delivers. The Carols deserves to be a new classic to feature strong female cast members like those now at Carnegie Stage.

Jennifer Childs (book and lyrics) and Monica Stephenson (music) put together a lively Christmas frolic that alludes to (and is set in ) the past, but ventures into the land of artistic license with a mish-mash of elements all designed to make you laugh with intoxicating humor…

Unless you have a heart of stone, there is no reason to resist The Carols. Get some friends or family members and get to Carnegie Stage for a charming and appropriately sentimental journey.

The ensemble works well together. Their movements and singing are top notch and their facial expressions help define the characters they play...(The Carols was) Deftly co-directed by Erika Cuenca and Robyne Parrish, and kudos to the all-female production team.

...a fine cast of seasoned performers giving their all to put the material across...It’s a sweet, gentle Hallmark Christmas Channel story told on its own terms.

Listen, 2019 has had its ups and downs, right? But let’s forget about the present and the future for a few hours, and hang out in the joyous, old-timey past! Not the Dickens’ A Christmas Carol past, that’s too old timey… more like the 1940’s The Carols old-timey past. I’m telling you, this story is so much more fun than what Dickens wrote. And it has music… and cute costumes! (Have I mentioned that before?)

Closing December 14, there are only three more shows left. Don’t be Scroogey, and buy your tickets today.

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