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Let's talk about SETS, baby!

WHAT KIND OF WOMAN by Abbe Tanenbaum just finished its five week run in New York City at Nancy Manchorian's the cell theatre. We would like to take a moment to highlight the amazing set by Tucker Topel. This set traveled from Carnegie, PA to New York City.

Photo by Carol Rosegg

"Tucker Topel created an authentic-looking Manhattan apartment, messy and filled with hundreds of props."

William Cataldi - Pup's Books

Tucker Topel had the challenge of creating New York apartment of a collector. The set had to fit both Carnegie Stage and Nancy Manchorian's the cell theatre.Tucker approached Kira Simring, Director, with the below concept art. Once approved, Tucker was now tasked with finding the perfect collectibles for Nora's apartment.

Nora was a collector since the mid 60s. Tucker Topel searched for the perfect collectibles for the apartment. Collectibles and books came from antique stores, storage units, Goodwill bins, and member of the cast.

Aligning Nora's walls are artwork from Milwaukee artist, Halie Johnson.

You can follow her on instagram @chaoticallycalmart

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