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Meet Me at The Carols!

I don’t know about you, but I loved listening to oldies when as a teenager. REAL oldies, like The Andrew Sisters... three part harmonies? Judy Garland was another fav and ‘Meet Me in St.Louis’ was screened without stop in our house (much to the chagrin of my 3 brothers). I loved nothing more than to find that harmonious upper third.... oh, to be in a singing duo or trio!

Needless to say, I was smiling ear to ear and tapping my feet at The Carols first rehearsal last week.

It's Christmastime in 1944. War is raging and, here at home, a group of neighbors gathers at the VFW to make the most of what they have.  

This new original musical comedy, first produced at Carnegie Stage in 2017, is back by popular demand and tells the story of an oddball friendship between a trio of singing sisters, an out-of-work Catskills comic, a limping piano player, and their grumpy Scrooge-like landlady. The Carols is a heartfelt, laugh-out-loud and hopeful musical that looks at making something right with all the wrong people.

This cast of six hit the ground running with a customary script read-through and sing-through. Moira Quigley and Mandy Russak return to their parts as Rose and Lily Carol, with Lizzy Boyke rounding out the sister trio, playing the part of Silvia.

Marc Moritz will play the part of the hilarious Catskill comedian Melvin Shaatz, with Beth Johnstone Bush playing Aunt Betty. Douglas Levine takes on the part of Teddy, as well being the show’s Musical Director.

Join us from November 29 thru December 14 as the Carol sisters remind us what the holiday season is really about: friends, family, togetherness…and calypso!

Tickets available at:

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