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Moving On

Hello Everyone!

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Laura Young and I am the new Director of Development and Marketing for Off The Wall productions. I started briefly working with Off The Wall during the incredible show, Not My Revolution. Virginia has some wonderful things in the works for Off The Wall to take these original shows to different venues nationally and internationally. I am excited to share them with you!

It has been about a month since that show closed and we started moving quickly on to our next endeavors. Producing original work is like planting a garden. It takes careful planning. You must know months or even years ahead of time what shows you want to create, carefully cultivate the original concept and work, workshop it, prepare its marketing strategy, rehearsals, and then after months of planning, the audience gets to see the amazing shows Off The Wall has been working on (and watering) for months.

Off The Wall is getting ready to produce its first show in Ryekjavik, Iceland, The Women Who Rode Away created and performed by Natalia Zukerman. The show premieres August 12 and 13. The show features original music by Zukerman, as she displays her talents as a storyteller, songwriter, and painter. The audience will be taken on a ride that will have them reflect their own journey.

Pre-production meetings have begun for our next performance at Carnegie Stage, What Kind of Woman.

Written by Abbe Tanenbaum, this play is based on Tanenbaum’s interactions with a client while she was working as a personal organizer. While organizing, Tanenbaum and her client uncover twenty letters from women seeking abortions in the early 1970’s before Roe vs Wade became law. The show has been in development since 2016, and unfortunately, seems more important to produce than ever. The show will be directed by Kira Simring and starring Virginia Wall Gruenert and Abbe Tanenbaum.

Off The Wall is excited for the shows that we are bringing to you soon. Which show are you excited to see?


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