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New York Reviews of WHAT KIND OF WOMAN by Abbe Tanenbaum

WHAT KIND OF WOMAN by Abbe Tanenbaum completed a successful run at Carnegie Stage on October 1st. A week later, the set was torn apart, the props chronicle and stored, the costumes laundered, and the entire show was put in a truck and moved to New York City. WHAT KIND OF WOMAN by Abbe Tanenbaum would be reconstructed, rehearsed, and reworked for the beginning of previews beginning October 19th.

Photos by Carol Rosegg

Since the beginning of previews, WHAT KIND OF WOMAN by Abbe Tanenbaum has been receiving rave reviews.

JAN EWIG of PUP's Books New York writes:"The acting was the first thing I noticed about this play. Abbe Tanenbaum, the author, was first rate as Anne, while Virginia Wall Gruenert as Nora exuded an almost supernatural grace. She was focused and engaging and I believed every word she said. One can hardly do better than that."

Elizabeth Zimmer of The Village Voice writes: "Subtle, alert, and psychologically astute, What Kind of Woman explores how people, and their minds, grow and change."

Jeff Myhre of writes: "At least three things are responsible for the brilliance of this show. First, the script is wonderfully crafted. Second, Gruenert and Tanenbaum work together well – they are a textbook example of theatrical chemistry. Third, director Kira Simring has taken the small space of the cell theatre and made it strengthen the play – one really feels the clutter of the apartment in such close quarters."

WHAT KIND OF WOMAN by Abbe Tanenbaum runs at Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre until November 19th. Do not miss this one of a kind show!


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