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No, Dan Ruth was not in jail, but...

“... he has served a lot of drinks, and has drunk a lot too,” writes Scott Adams of the theater review guide Stage Buddy.

Adams continues, “…Based on his own life of nearly a quarter century in and around bars in New York, Ruth weaves together character portrayals, mini-sketches, monologues and comedic insights to tell the story of a person whose life took unexpected turns. It’s a grim topic told unapologetically.”

Dan Ruth’s one-man show, A Life Behind Bars, returns to Carnegie Stage this week for three performances. This darkly comedic piece played at The United Solo Festival in 2017, winning an award for "Best Autobiographical Show.”

“Unlike many monologists who pepper their performances with simple caricature, Ruth has the acting chops to turn mere impressions into full-bodied distillations of those who came and went at the bars where he worked,” writes Tony Farrell of the Richmond Times Dispatch about Ruth’s 2016 performance of this show.

Join us this week for a wild, dark, funny, honest, hold-on-to–your-seat, don’t-get-up-to-go-pee, you-don’t-want-to-miss-a-minute-of-this, mad and wonderful performance piece.

Dan Ruth’s A Life Behind Bars.

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