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Pittsburgh Theater and off the WALL 2018 - 2019 Season Announcement

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Season twelve of “alternative theater for grownups” includes great plays, bold choices, and talented artists.  off the WALL Productions is excited to announce its 2018-19 season, featuring one World premiere, one U.S. premiere, and one Pittsburgh premiere in the Acting Company’s three-play program. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol  World Premiere

Conceived, co-adapted and performed by Mark Coffin Co-adapted and directed by Heidi Mueller Smith In this adaptation of Dickens’ best-known work, with its themes of inequity and renewal just as relevant in our society today as they were in 1843, the arc of the story is experienced through the mind and heart of Ebeneezer Scrooge as he journeys from his life of isolation and greed through dream-like vistas of fear, guilt, and shame, to his ultimate new reality of compassion and human transformation.  This solo piece also employs the Narrator as the second most important character, as he moves from commentary and reporting to the seamless blending into Ebenezer himself.  The use of light, music, and projections to reflect emotion and environment illuminate this magical production.  Storytelling at its finest.  Runs Nov. 30-Dec. 15, 2018.

Mumburger by Sarah Kosar            U.S. Premiere                                                   Tiffany's mum is killed by a Birds Eye truck on the M25. There’s family to call and a coffin to order, but first she has to talk to her dad – and for some reason that's the toughest thing on her to-do list. Meanwhile, an oozing paper bag appears, holding a dying wish that will either bring a father and daughter together, or drive them further apart.  In her surreal play about grief, parenting, and alternative meat, Kosar asks how far we can be pushed by love and obligation.  Directed by Robyne Parrish. Runs March 1-16, 2019.

World Builders by Johnna Adams Pittsburgh Premiere In Johnna Adams’ dark romantic comedy, Whitney and Max live deep within their own imagined realities – one expansive and fanciful, the other dark and brutal. To break free of these visions and become functional members of society, they embark upon a clinical drug trial that might erase these worlds forever. But are they truly able to leave their fantasies behind?  In a medicated age where our imaginations are colonized by mass media, how do we know when happiness and love are real? Directed by Linda Haston. Runs May 3-18, 2019.

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