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Pittsburgh Theater and off the WALL - Part II

What do we want to be when we grow up? For us this has become an existential question in more ways than one. Read original post here

December 2012 - Our second play in Allegheny County

The Speed Queen

Anne Stockton - The Spped Queen

Written and performed by Anne Stockton

Directed by Austin Pendleton.

Based on the novel by Stewart O'Nan

Convicted murderer Marjorie Standiford has agreed to spend her last hours on Death Row talking into a tape recorder, answering questions posed by a celebrated author about her involvement in a killing spree, her drug addiction, wild sex life, and why she is where she is.

Adapted from the novel by Stewart O'Nan and

starring Anne Stockton, this harrowing one-woman tour de force won for Outstanding Performance - Solo Show at the 2007 NYC Midtown International Theater Festival.


"a gripping one-woman show" Bob Hoover - Post Gazette

"...both satisfying and frightening...she's captured Marjorie's innocence and insanity." - Stewart O'Nan, Author

"Performed by the remarkable Anne Stockton... this is a daring piece of theater. Austin Pendleton has directed the play with a keen understanding of the humanity within the monster." - The Siegel Column


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