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Pittsburgh Theater and off the WALL Part VIII

March 2014 A Feminine Ending

Written by Sarah Treem

Directed by Matt Morrow

With: Erika Cuenca*, Ingrid Sonnichsen*,

Weston Blakesley*, Shaun Cameron Hall, Andrew Wind*

Amanda wants to be a great composer, but she’s in a profession that only recognizes famous men. At the moment, she's living in New York City and writing advertising jingles to pay the rent while her almost-famous fiancé, Jack, pursues his singing career. Her parents are getting divorced, her first love reappears, and there's a lot of noise in her head, but none of it is music. Until the end. A gentle, bittersweet comedy about a young woman who knows what she wants but not quite how to get it.


"...the play is really a showcase for Erika Cuenca as Amanda, who, in a mammoth performance of intense focus and rock-ribbed conviction, keeps reminding us of the humanity deep inside Treem’s compelling script." - Ted Hoover - City Paper

“... the electricity between them and the energy between them [Amanda and her parents] was just electrifying!  So real and so much emotion, but yet so funny.  Truly a thinking person’s comedy.” - Lonnie The Theater Lady for 'Burgh Vivant


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