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Pittsburgh Theater and off the WALL Part X

What do we want to be when we grow up? For us this has become an existential question in more ways than one. Let''s have a look back at the past five years and then...

October 2014 The Small Room At The Top Of The Stairs

Daina Michele Griffiths

A Pittsburgh Theater Premiere

Written by: Carole Frechette

Directed by: Ingrid Sonnichsen

With: Ken Bolden*, Sharon Brady*, Daina Michelle Griffith*, Amy Landis*, Amanda Brooke Lerner*.

“Somewhere in an enormous house, there is a hidden staircase.”

And thus begins Carole Frechette’s play, a contemporary variant of the Bluebeard legend. Grace finds herself irresistibly drawn to the mysterious room her husband has forbidden her to enter.  She stumbled into a fairy-tale marriage complete with her own Prince Charming and resplendent mansion, but it could all come apart if she chooses to defy his wishes. Can Grace resist temptation, and other’s voices ringing in her ears, or will she let her curiosity get the best of her and confront the secrets of the man she loves?


“…an excellent cast of actors…smartly presented by off the WALL Productions” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“…(the) talk is talked so brilliantly by this intensely talented cast.  Director Ingrid Sonnichsen, with impeccable style, has herself fashioned a solidly built garden in which all the performers bloom.” - Pittsburgh City Paper

“A Cerebral Theatrical Adventure” – Pittsburgh Owl Scribe

“…I was thrilled with the quality of this production and cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.” – The Pittsburgh Stage Magazine


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