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Pittsburgh Theater and off the WALL Part VI

What do we want to be when we grow up? For us this has become an existential question in more ways than one. Let''s have a look back at the past five years and


March 2013 Looking For The Pony

Daine Michelle Griffith - Karen Baum

A Pittsburgh Theater Regional Premiere

Written by: Andrea Lepcio

Directed by: Robyne Parrish

Starring: Theo Allyn*, Karen Baum*, Daina Michelle Griffith*,

Cameron Knight*.

Original music by EMay

Finalist Dramatists Guild Hull-Warriner Award

Finalist for the NEA Outstanding New American Play Award.

There once were two children who could see the bright side of any situation. One day, they are put in a room filled with manure. Hours later they are discovered laughing, scooping up the manure, digging underneath. "What on earth are you doing?" the children are asked. With beaming smiles they answer, "All this poop, there has to be a pony in here somewhere." Eloisa is finally ready to leave a lifeless career in finance to pursue a childhood dream when her sister Lauren is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Lauren's perfect life and Eloisa's second chance collide as the sisters join forces to cure all that ails them.  As funny as it is heart-breaking, Looking for the Pony is a fast-paced journey through the places cancer takes us, dedicated to the fierce love of two sisters.


"...prolific, vibrant and emotive...Griffith and Baum trade dialogue with telepathic precision, and Allyn and Knight brilliantly create every other character..." - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Despite its physical demands, Daina Michelle Griffith and Karen Baum...evoke movingly sympathetic moments of tenderness, determination and despair..." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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