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August 2019

Queer, Jewish  - Dancing in Diaspora


is a collection of dances exploring intersections of Queer and Jewish identity in diaspora. Moriah Ella Mason and collaborators explore queer and feminist themes in Jewish sacred texts, use folklore to embrace real and ideal queer bodies, and re-formulate ritual to birth a new futurist aesthetic. 

Moriah Ella Mason (Director - Choreographer)

Ru Emmons (dancer)

Sarah Friedlander (dancer)

Harry J. Hawkins IV (dancer)

Amelia Reuss (dancer)

Olivia Tucker (actor, dramaturg) 

Ella poswter 01  05 mb.jpg

"This piece belongs in a time capsule, as it marks the evolution of a tradition that has been adapted to fit the demands of a more inclusive society". PGH in the Round

“It feels powerful to offer visions of a queer, Jewish future at a time when queer folks and Jews are under an increasing threat,” said Mason. “I hope that folks who see the work feel cared for and bolstered to fight for safety and justice not just for us, but also for all the other communities being targeted.”  PGH in the Round

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