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The 4th Carol sister.

Silvia, Lily and Rose. ‘Nuff said. Moira Quigley, Elizabeth Boyke and Mandie Russak are the talented actors that effortlessly bring to life the words and music of Jennifer Childs and Monica Stephenson in off the WALL productions’ newest show, The Carols.

Opening to a full house over Thanksgiving weekend, The Carols is a delight for all audiences. Quigley, Boyke and Russak work together like a well-oiled machine, singing perfect three-part harmonies while donning star-spangled miniskirts or playing the ukulele in matching calypso get-ups.

Moira Quigley, Mandie Russak and Elizabeth Boyke

Beth Johnstone Bush plays the wonderfully grumpy Ms. Betty, landlady of the local VA Hall and Marc Moritz is the dynamic Melvin Shaatz, breezing through town in the hopes of landing a role in the sisters’ A Christmas Carol. Betty’s dry humor and curmudgeonly ways are a wonderful contrast to Shaatz’ zingy one liners and the sisters’ BOY-sterous (well, just Rose) dispositions.

Marc Morritz and Beth Johnston Bush

The music, the costumes, the lighting, the costumes, the set… and of course, did I mention the costumes?!

Moira Quigley, Mandie Russak and Elizabeth Boyke

I could go on and on about how much I love this show. I really could; it’s just perfect! I do have one suggestion for the playwright, though... perhaps she could write in a fourth sister? A tall, beautiful, redhead who is both hilarious and wise… who sings second alto and wears all the cute outfits?? Her name could be, Mary Ann. Not like my name, Marianne… but similar.

Do yourself a favor and come see this show. It will put a smile on your face (more than one), and you’ll be humming a tune as you leave the theater. What’s better than that!?

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