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What Kind of

Sept. 23, 2022 Carnegie Stage, Pittsburgh
Oct. 19, 2022 The Cell, New York City  

History is repeating itself - 
right before our eyes

And if recent events are any indicators, American society is inching dangerously close to mirroring events from the last century.

Written by
Abbe Tanenbaum
                               Directed by
  Kira Simring
Virginia Wall Gruenert*
Abbe Tanenbaum*

WKOW Letter 1.jpg

Stage Manager: Katie Mack *

Production Stage Manager: Erika Cuenca*

Production & Set design: Tucker Topel

Lighting Design: Forrest Trimble

Sound Design: Shannon Knapp

Back Stage Management: Janus Young

Costume Design: Laura Irene Young

Associate Producer: Katie Mack 

Marketing & Outreach: Laura Irene Young

Operation Manager: Jenna Kunselman

What Kind of Woman began development in 2016 when real-life actress and personal organizer Abbe Tanenbaum was working with a client in New York City. While organizing paperwork, they uncovered twenty letters from women seeking abortions in the early 1970’s before Roe vs Wade became law.
These original letters are the inspiration for this play. 
One of the letters can be seen above, with all personal information redacted. 

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"...the stars aligned when Gruenert happened upon What Kind of Woman. This play unmasks the essence of womanhood in all its glory, heartache, and intricacy. "

The Village Voice
New York

“…carefully crafted…
"...wildly funny..."

"Subtle, alert, and psychologically astute, What Kind of Woman explores how people, and their minds, grow and change. 

Stage Biz
New York

"One of my favorite sshows of the year...the script is wonderfully crafted. ... Gruenert and Tanenbaum work together well – they are a textbook example of theatrical chemistry."

'burgh Vivant'

"...a powerful  performance ... guaranteed to spark more joy than a Marie Kondo special...there are a myriad of twists and turns in “What Kind of Woman,” and they’re not all pleasant, but the story borders on brilliant.

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